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Spring 2015 - The Bloomfield Cup

Registration closes in 4 days

Spring Intown Soccer. This is the intown program of the Bloomfield Soccer Club. We are registering Little Cleat Players (3 and 4 year olds) and K-9th grade players. The cost of these programs are $65 for Little Cleats $70 for a single player in K-9 grades, with a maximum family cost of $175.

Games begin late April - team formation first week of March

Referees 2015

Registration closes in 5 days

Must by 14 years old. You are registering to be an intown referee. The referee pool will be limited to 12 refs who have taken referee or coaching classes.

Tryouts Bloomfield Select 2015

This program is a summer soccer program for travel players. You are signing up for tryouts that will be held later this spring. This is NOT 2015-2016 Travel tryouts

There is no cost to register for SUMMER SELECT TRYOUTS

The Bloomfield Soccer Club summer select program offers the opportunity for players to participate in a competitive program during the late spring into the summer. Summer select teams will be provided with professional training. Our program is seeking players in the area who are looking to gain valuable experience with not only quality coaching, but to also play alongside players like themselves who are dedicated to the sport of soccer and to development of their own personal knowledge of the game.

The cost of the summer select program varies depending on teams and the number of tournaments the team enters - usually this is $200 - $325 per player.

BSC Summer Select teams will play against top players during the summer at Mid-Atlantic Premier Soccer Tournaments

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Registration,
contact Barry Weiner

For more information, visit the Bloomfield Soccer Club website at



Costs are 

$65 for Little Cleats Player 3-4 year olds
$70 for Everyone else
$175 Maximum family plan (3 players or more)

We are registering
K-1st grade boys
K-1st grade girls

2-3rd grade boys
2-3rd grade girls

4-6th grade boys
4-6th grade girls

7-9th grade boys intramural
7-9th grade girls intramural